Who We Are

Located in Halifax Nova Scotia, The Orb Factory Limited is a provider of award winning crafts and activity products. With over 20 years in business, we are always creating brand new lines and exciting new products. We are now sold in over 60 countries, have won numerous awards and have become a recognized and trusted name in the toy industry.

Steven Kay started designing toys when he was 6 yrs old. With formal training in photography, sculpture and design, he founded The Orb Factory in 1991. The company’s first line was based around the Celestial Orb, a transforming hand-held widget made from wire.

Steve knows that he has made it this far by focusing on the 2 most important things: a fun and rewarding play experience for kids, and the best customer service in the industry

Our kits are easy to use, mess-free, and give amazing results every time. Our best selling line, Sticky Mosaics®, allow kids to peel and stick foam and jewel tiles to create mosaic masterpieces that are ready for display. My First Sticky Mosaics® brings crafting to children 3+ with Big Pieces for Little Fingers®. Curiosity Kits® explores unique play concepts and fresh ideas. Our toys are both imaginative and educational and have been used as learning tools in classrooms around the world.

As a creative toy manufacturer, The Orb Factory prides itself on creative designs, high quality products, and outstanding customer service. This allows the company to keep focusing on those aspects that are the most important. For example, every product has an educational component to it. As a result, many have been recognized as useful learning tools in the classroom. For items that are made by sub-contracted manufacturers, The Orb Factory employees are involved in the production decisions and quality control process.

We believe in the power of play. We strive to produce toys the not only stimulate a child’s mind, but their creativity as well. Our kits allow children to lose themselves in a world of magic, imagination and artistic freedom.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
-George Bernard Shaw